Hi! I’m Alex Gomis
I’m a  designer
a creative digital graphic

I work as a graphic creative, specialized in graphic and web design, visual identity and poster design. I’m enthusiastic about the world of graphic creation and online content development. To this day, I collaborate in different design projects and I am open to offers and work collaborations.
Let me show you…

Recent work         ↓


Visual identity — Logotypes

During the last months I have been able to work on graphic design projects for the development of visual identities such as the blog Web+Facil, the visual identity of Webasy, the musical group KV, the poet and rapper J.Bombolone or in the proposal to redesign the brand image of the Mendel Museum.

Web design

These are some of the latest web design, interface design and user experience work that I have been able to participate in over the last few months:

The websites for the saxophonist and professor Iñigo Setuaín, the artist J.Bombolone, the online news blog for Web+facil or a nutrition website.

Poster & Editorial design

Some of the latest works and proposals for posters and editorial design that I’ve done, such as the classical and contemporary music magazine ‘Reclassic’; posters for concerts and musical formations such as ‘Aula 405’ or Sigma Project; as well as personal proposals for movie poster designs.


I also work in other areas and I continue to specialize and experiment with new techniques and methods in relation to graphic design and the audiovisual world.

Here you can see some work on photographic retouch and photo composition, illustration, calligraphy and lettering, and video editing and animation work.

Video edition & Shortfilms

– ‘Despierta’ — Experimental shortfilm

– Czech R. Go pro promo

– ‘Círculo interior’ — Experimental shortfilm

– Sigma Project Jamaica — Report

– Sigma Orionis IV — Concert report

– Animation — web creation


My name is Alex, I am a graphic and web designer, UI / UX, video editor and in general, a graphic creative without fear of developing and improving in any specialty of digital design.

I like graphic design projects dedicated to the cultural area, especially music, since they allow the opportunity to promote an artistic message and their diffusion in the community.

I started in the world of communication after studying Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid. After my degree, I started working as an Editor Assistant at Mediaset, in different tv programs such as the news programs on Telecinco and Cuatro, or ‘Las mañanas de Cuatro’.

In 2016 I started working in Brno, Czech Republic, in a web development company. In addition, in recent years, I have been able to participate in different creative graphic design projects, such as in collaboration with the Sigma Project saxophone quartet, working in the documentary ‘Music for saxophone by Félix Ibarrondo’ or the development of visual identity of the online season Sigma Orionis.

After years of experience and growth in graphic design, in 2019 I decided to continue specializing and began the online Master degree of Graphic Design and Digital Environments at LaBasad of Barcelona.

I am currently open to work collaborations, while I continue working and developing my activity as a graphic creative. Among those activities I can highlight the collaboration with the graphic design studio Volny Studio and the work on the creation of visual materials for the Web+facil online content blog.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need it!


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